Friday, August 17, 2012

The Lemon Detox Diet - A Program That Really Helps

Firstly, Stanley Burroughs, the creator of the lemon detox diet successfully applied it for treatment of stomach ulcer. His lemon detox program was based on the principle that for curing of disease cleansing of the body's internals should be done. This cleaning process is a way to correct nearly every disease. It improves people's health, and increases energy level without the use of medicine.

The lemon detox diet operates with the body's own natural cleansing process to promote flush out toxins and burn fat in a natural way. Alongside the detoxification process, the lemon detox diet assists the body burn the excess fat in the adipose tissues.

To empty intestine from years of built-up waste it is beneficial to take a salt water flush of two teaspoons salt mixed in a quart of water in the morning, and an herbal laxative tea at night. After finishing fasting, the person should begin with solid food very slowly, starting with some vegetable soup, followed by fruits and vegetables.

The lemon detox diet is an effective way to change old habits and begin to enjoy a life free from disease. However, the program is in fact just a beginning of a long way of healthy lifestyle. Keeping a healthy diet and way of life, practicing regular exercises are essential for maintaining benefit from the lemon detox diet.

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Anonymous said...

A lot of people wonder whether the pounds will come back on after the lemonade cleanse, and the truth is that they will in the case they revert back to bad eating habits. Like you wrote, a healthy diet and exercise regimen after the cleanse is essential to maintaining a fit body.

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