Tuesday, January 8, 2008

After All, What is the Lemonade Diet?

After All, What is the Lemonade Diet?First, you should know that lemonade diet is not a weight loss diet. Yes, you are going to lose weight while you are on the lemonade diet, but you have great chances to gain all of that weight back, going back to your standard way of eating after Master Cleanse Diet (Lemonade Diet). What the lemonade diet actually is designed for is detoxification; it is a modified fast.

If you're looking to detoxify your body and improve your health, then learning about the Master Cleanse secrets is right for you, but if you want to lose weight and keep it off by learning how to follow a healthy eating plan, then you should take a look for hints and tips for weight loss, and other diet.

For the lemonade diet, you drink fresh lemon juice mixed with maple syrup, cayenne pepper and water. In addition to the standard lemonade drink that you drink through the cleanse, in the mornings you also drink a salt water flush in order to get your bowels moving and eliminating more sludge. In the evening, you drink an herbal tea for the exact same purpose.

Commonly, you should follow the lemonade diet for at least ten days; some followers of this fast actually use it for much longer. Some of the benefits claimed on behalf of the lemonade diet are better skin tone, improved energy, increased stamina and better mental alertness. Many people who have completed it often say that that they look and feel younger and that it eliminated a lot of aches and pains and stiffness. So, you are going to feel many of these benefits by yourself, if some day your lemonade diet will be almost complete.

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