Friday, December 5, 2008

No Weight Loss, All You Need Is Fat Loss

No Weight Loss All You Need Is Fat LossThe lemonade detox diet, also known as master cleanse or lemon maple syrup diet gains considerable attention. Popularized by Beyonce Knowles, who lost 20 pounds in 2 weeks, this diet plan gives hopes to millions of dieters worldwide as the amazing 2 in 1 diet for detox and weight loss. Before diving into the master cleanse, dieters should know that lemonade detox diet have similar problem as many other diets. Any dieter following it potentially risks their health and likely to experience weight gain after dieting.

People are concerned in weight loss when going on a diet, but the weight loss is not important - fat loss is what you want. Success on any weight loss diet including the lemonade detox diet should be measured by the amount of fat you lose and the amount of muscle that you do not lose. Muscle burns calories; when you lose muscle, you lose something that only helps you achieve your goals.

Why people do gain weight after coming off the lemonade detox diet? Their body starts to burn fewer calories because they have less muscle than they had before the weight loss diet. Weight gain takes place because the person is eating more calories than their body is burning. So, how to lose weight without losing muscle? In order to keep as much muscle as possible or even build new muscle while losing weight, you will need to undertake a complete weight lifting program. Weight lifting will help you hold onto muscle and build muscle while losing weight. You keep the muscle and you keep the weight off after your diet! You look even better than ever with all your muscle and decreased fat levels. You are healthier.

A complete program will consist of weight lifting, stretching, lemonade detox diet, and cardiovascular exercise for health reasons. This program will get you to your goals quick compared to diet alone. You'll be astonished at the progress you make. Lift weights to build muscle, stretch to prevent injury, increase recovery from workouts, and lemonade detox diet for fat loss.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

When it comes to health, what Australians are surfing the web for?

what Australians are surfing the web forForget cancer and heart disease, the celebrity-inspired Lemon Detox Diet has topped the list as the most popular Internet health search for Australians during 2008. According to Yahoo! 7, ten day detox consisting of only lemon juice, water and tree sap syrup, has seen Australians rushing to buy online in a bid to lose weight and cleanse themselves.

Number two on the top health subjects searched for is "online calorie counters", closely followed by head lice, hay fever, how to quit smoking and anxiety disorders. Other popular topics for web searches include type 2 diabetes, asthma and homeopathy. Nutritionist Rosemary Stanton was very surprised about the results of the survey. "It seems people are more likely to search for those health topics that they think the Internet can give them instant answers on."

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