Thursday, October 15, 2009

Amazing Lemon Detox Diet

Amazing Lemon Detox DietDo you take an interest in great diet plan which can help you lose your weight and detox your body? Even the doctors recommend lemon detox diet as the best diet for a healthy person. If you are really interested in the lemon detox diet phenomenon you should know that, firstly, lemon detox diet can cleanse the toxins present in your body with ease, and, secondly, you can expect some weight loss.

Lemon detox diet consist in the intake of the syrup made from palm and maple trees mixed together with the juice of lime and pepper powder for ten days. The syrup contained in the lemon detox drink is rich in sugar. This serves as the source of energy and helps in decreasing appetite. One full glass of the lemon detox drink include 70 calories. The drink confirmed to be rich in zinc and calcium which are essential for the cleansing process. Lemon detox drink is reported to supply the human body with necessary nutrients and minerals.

If you plan to put lemon detox diet into practice for the next 7 or 10 days, you should drink the detox drink as the exclusive source of food intake. Maybe you will feel somewhat lunatic, this might be due to the your body deliverance from toxins. Light exercises can help you to speed up the blood flow and toxin removal process.

Be aware of the fact that shifting back to regular food consumption has to be gradual. After the lemon detox diet you will have to slowly increase your normal food intake, start with fruit juice and lighter food intake. While lemon detox diet is quick and easy to follow, it might not be safe for inexperienced dieters, so, please discuss it with your doctor before you will have firsthand knowledge about the lemon detox diet.

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