Monday, June 22, 2009

Lemon Detox Diet ABC

Lemon Detox Diet ABCIf you are an individual who is looking for detox diet that is uncomplicated and effective, then you may want to try the lemon detox diet. With this detox method, a mix of syrup from organic trees and the juice of a fresh lemon is drank by a follower. The syrup is a mixture of palm and maple syrups. Such combination is certainly a steady source of vitamins and minerals for every human being.

Lemon detox diet will surely not let you keep those harmful toxins and compounds inside your body. Though it is not the ultimate objective, often, the result of lemon detox diet is weight loss. Moreover, as the body is detoxified, all its immune systems is treated and left healthier than before.

Lemon detox diet oblige the dieter to refuse from solid foods, the body may get the energy it needs to get through its normal activities from the natural sugars of the syrup. These natural sugars help the body hold back hunger that it may experience because of the restricted diet. With just one glass of the blended drink, about seventy calories is absorbed by the body, together with zinc and calcium. And the body takes in all these essentials in the right amount.

The diet continues for several days wherein an individual only takes in the blended drink, but dieters are still active because of the energy that they get from the drink. However, as the toxins are flushed out from the body of the dieters, they may feel a little dizzy or light-headed. To increase the blood flow and speed up the release of these unwanted stuff from the body; many dietitians suggest that the diet should go together with regular exercises.

After abstaining from solid foods for a few days, it is advisable to go back to the normal eating routine slowly; otherwise it may seriously damage the body. Slowly incorporate soft foods into your diet in addition to the liquids and the fruits that you are eating for the past few days; eat solid foods selectively. The intense fasting may be too harsh for the body, so, nice idea is to proceed with the control of your physician.

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