Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Natural Lemon Detox Diet

Natural Lemon Detox Diet The majority of people who have healthy eating habits, exercise and are not smokers mistakenly believe that they do not need any detox. But, the air we breathe the water we drink, the foodstuff we eat and the chemical byproducts our body makes in response to stress, infection and aging impose a considerable toxic load on our body.

Detox is the process of ridding the body of potentially harmful substances, carcinogens and additional toxins such as air pollutants, digestive byproducts, hormones and pesticides that we intentionally and involuntarily ingest or produce through the body’s normal metabolism. While our body does have an effective detox mechanism, the toxin loads to which we are subjected daily can easily overwhelm it. Detox allows our body to regain the upper hand.

It is recommended to follow a detoxification program twice a year. Detox can be achieved even through healthy diet and a variety of herbs and supplements that stimulate and support the process. It is recommended to avoid sugars, saturated fats, alcohol, caffeine and foods containing additives and preservatives during the process. Organic foods such as lemons, beets, carrots and artichokes help stimulate the cleansing process in the liver so they can be increased in the diet. For example, hot water and lemon can help jump-start the day instead of coffee.

The lemon detox diet is a natural, easy and enjoyable way to get a healthier body and a better quality of life. The Lemon detox diet is safe and effective; it works with the body's natural cleansing process to flush out accumulated toxins and helps the body to normalize its weight. The lemon detox is safe, natural and involves no chemical processes. This detoxification program is one of the most popular detoxes around nowadays.

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