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Five Most Popular Detox Diets

Five most popular detox dietsLemon Detox Diet

Also known as the "The Master Cleanse" or "Maple Syrup Diet", the diet puts the body into a starvation mode in which fat cells are burned for energy. Toxins stored in fat cells are supposed to be released and flushed away. The main ingredients of the diet are lemon juice, maple syrup and cayenne pepper. Followers drink from six to 12 glasses of the mixture each day for 7-14 days, combined with a laxative tea in the evening. No solid food is allowed. After the cleanse, people are advised to slowly go back to normal eating, starting with vegetable soup and orange juice.

Martha's Vineyard Diet Detox

This diet is billed as a detox diet that also results in weight loss (21 pounds in 21 days). Dieters drink juice mixtures, protein shakes and vegetable purees, as well as herbal cleansing formulas and teas. They’re instructed to buy the recommended supplements and vitamins. Dieters are also advised to drink 64 ounces of distilled water daily. No solid food is allowed. In addition, colonics, coffee enemas and massages are recommended to flush out substances.

The Fruit Flush Diet

The plan promises up to 9 pounds of weight loss within 72 hours. The first day involves consuming a protein drink every two hours. Unlike water-based fasts that merely flush toxins out, the Fruit Flush claims to "feed your muscles and switch your body into a fat-burning mode." On following days, dieters eat 100 calories of fruit every two hours, with a large salad and a protein drink at dinnertime. For maximum benefit, dieters are instructed to follow the plan once a week for up to 12 weeks.

Fast Track One-Day Detox Diet

The Fast Track One-Day Detox Diet is a multi-part program for healthy living. It is low in calories and has a fairly aggressive laxative component, contributing to rapid weight loss. The fasting portion of the detox plan is just one day. Followers prepare for the fast with a weeklong diet of low-carb, high-protein foods and vegetables designed to prep the liver for the detox process. The daylong fast consists of sipping a "Miracle Juice" mixture of unsweetened cranberry, orange and lemon juice seasoned with cinnamon, ginger and nutmeg. The fast ends with several days of gradually adding foods intended to restore healthy bacteria in the colon. The diet is intended to improve the state of the liver and colon, leaving more of the body’s energy for healing and regenerating healthy cells.

Joshi Detox Diet

The goal of the Joshi diet is to return the body to its naturally alkaline state by altering the pH (acid/alkaline) balance in the body. The human body is healthiest in a slightly alkaline state because of improved digestion and disease protection. The diet avoids acidic, toxic and refined foods including red meat, dairy, fruit, wheat, nuts, sugar and sweets, potatoes, coffee and tea. For 21 days dieters eliminate acid-forming foods and eat from a fairly limited list of acceptable meats, brown rice, fish, produce and grains. Other recommended foods include poultry, certain cheeses, yogurt, dark green vegetables, soy, legumes and olive oil.

The diet claims it will reduce stress in the digestive system, allow the body to process food more efficiently and stop foods from being stored as fat.

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