Wednesday, December 3, 2008

When it comes to health, what Australians are surfing the web for?

what Australians are surfing the web forForget cancer and heart disease, the celebrity-inspired Lemon Detox Diet has topped the list as the most popular Internet health search for Australians during 2008. According to Yahoo! 7, ten day detox consisting of only lemon juice, water and tree sap syrup, has seen Australians rushing to buy online in a bid to lose weight and cleanse themselves.

Number two on the top health subjects searched for is "online calorie counters", closely followed by head lice, hay fever, how to quit smoking and anxiety disorders. Other popular topics for web searches include type 2 diabetes, asthma and homeopathy. Nutritionist Rosemary Stanton was very surprised about the results of the survey. "It seems people are more likely to search for those health topics that they think the Internet can give them instant answers on."

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