Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Detox Bath

Detox BathEliminate Toxins, Fat and Cellulite For Good, and Achieve Radiant Health, With A Simple 10-MINUTE Bath Technique Using ONLY Water!

So would you like to:

- Safely and effectively eliminate toxins?
- Improve your digestion and banish constipation for good, without medication?
- Get rid of stubborn fat and cellulite naturally?
- Enjoy restful, restorative sleep every night, while sleeping fewer hours?
- Boost your metabolism, mood and energy?
- Achieve the slim and toned body you always yearned for?
- Radiate beauty and health from the inside out?
- Enjoy crystal clear skin and radiant complexion?
- Learn a powerful yet simple technique that you can use time and again, wherever you are?
- Enhance your figure, health and well being for free, using ONLY water?

Detox Bath is an ebook that will take you on a journey of discovery of the amazing properties and benefits of water and of hydrotherapy. It will hold you by the hand and reveal step-by-step instructions to an extraordinarily easy, but highly effective ancestral detox method.

With regular practice, the Detox Bath will boost your health, metabolism, fitness and well being for a lifetime, without having to rely on anything else but a simple daily 10-minute bath, using only WATER.

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Grace said...

I've been doing my bath regularly for the last 6 months and my energy level, mood and sleep are waw; I have been steadily loosing inches without changing my diet which is really great; it's a simple technique but you have to do it daily and that's the challenge!

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